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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Most applications do not deal with disks directly, instead storing their data in files in a file system, which protects us from those scoundrel disks. After all, a key task of the file system is to ensure that the file system can always be recovered to a consistent state after an unplanned system crash (for example, a power failure). While a good file system will be able to beat the disks into submission, the required effort can be great and the reduced performance annoying. This article examines the shortcuts that disks take and the hoops that file systems must jump through to get the desired reliability."
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by Brendan on Sun 9th Sep 2012 17:40 UTC in reply to "So"
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I'm just asking, as the current state is "hey, look ma', I don't have time for anything else, so let's make another lame news syndication web site"


It is my fault (not Thom's), because I haven't contributed an article to OSnews. Unfortunately I'm not the only person who hasn't contributed an article to OSnews - it's a widespread problem.

I just want to thank you Peteo, for all of the well written articles that you have contributed in the past. I can understand how someone like you, who has contributed so many articles, might be a little upset at everyone else who hasn't.

- Brendan

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