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Mac OS X "A little more than an year ago I wrote my rant post The Linux Desktop Experience is Killing Linux on the Desktop and for the first time in 8 years I wasn't a desktop Linux user anymore. I spent about a month wrestling with Windows 7, but let's face it - Windows is ill suited for professional Ruby programmers like me (and it's ill suited for most programmers, except maybe Java & .Net I guess). Anyways, it was never my intention to stick with Windows - I was just doing my Mac due diligence. Now with 1+ year of OSX usage I'd like to share a few things about my experience thus far with you."
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RE: Shallow article
by Shane on Mon 10th Sep 2012 01:15 UTC in reply to "Shallow article"
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I thought that the article was fairly balanced. He mentioned a bunch of things that he liked, a bunch of things that he found OK, and a bunch of things that he didn't like.

These type of articles are bound to be subjective of course. They are meant to be, since the author is writing about his experiences.

You are reading way too much into the author's motives. Assigning intent is a slippery slope. I could say that you don't like the author's conclusions, and thus you rationalise that the author must be rationalising his choices because he spent a lot on Apple hardware. Sounds ridiculous?

There's no need to reel out the whole "overpriced hardware" and "assholes" lines. Your "objective truth" sounds way more black and white than the article.

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