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Hardware, Embedded Systems "We've seen a profusion of relatively low-cost PCs and tablets over the last few years, but Taiwanese electronics company Via's APC is cheap even by these standards: it's a $49 low-power desktop computer running a modified version of Android 2.3. Announced today, the APC is meant as a simple way to connect to the internet, so you won't get a great deal of computing power. It contains an 800MHz processor, 512MB of DDR3 memory, 2GB of flash storage, and can connect to a monitor or TV to output a resolution of up to 720p. It also consumes a fraction of a standard desktop's power: 13.5 watts at maximum and only 4 watts when idle."
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What we actually wanted was..
by uridium on Mon 10th Sep 2012 03:38 UTC
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Seriously. When is someone going to offer us a system that:
1) Bolts into a vanilla ATX case.
2) Has 2 (or more please?) cores.
3) Takes regular PC memory.
4) Has 2 (or more please?) SATA 1 || 2 ports.
5) Has at least two PCIe slots.
6) Dual on-board ethernet
7) Runs standard Linux and *BSD.
7) For $250au or under for board+processor only.

*Sigh* Seriously. I know of several friends waiting for this that've bought Rpi's and done the "it's fun..but what I really wanted was $See_Above".

Think ARM "workstation" please. Android, sure fun cute, but focusing on that is canceling out 90% of your market. Not everyone wants an ARM based system as a dev-box for a tablet. Some of us want to "do" something with ARM systems rather than play angry-birds.

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