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Mac OS X "A little more than an year ago I wrote my rant post The Linux Desktop Experience is Killing Linux on the Desktop and for the first time in 8 years I wasn't a desktop Linux user anymore. I spent about a month wrestling with Windows 7, but let's face it - Windows is ill suited for professional Ruby programmers like me (and it's ill suited for most programmers, except maybe Java & .Net I guess). Anyways, it was never my intention to stick with Windows - I was just doing my Mac due diligence. Now with 1+ year of OSX usage I'd like to share a few things about my experience thus far with you."
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RE: some questions
by Neolander on Mon 10th Sep 2012 05:09 UTC in reply to "some questions"
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Most operating systems render fonts by aligning character features on screen pixel boundaries for crisper rendering, slightly altering character shape in the process.

OS X doesn't, and instead resorts to heavy antialiasing to follow the true character shape more exactly. This gives its font rendering engine a characteristic blurry look.

In the end, deciding which one is better is really a matter of taste, as comparative studies have ultimately shown that people prefer the font rendering methodology used by their main OS. It can be argued that the OS X way is less readable, especially on lower-res screens, but more pleasant-looking and typographically accurate.

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