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General Development Several presentations about mobile Linux technologies, such as Mer, Nemo, and Jolla. Mer is openly developed and meritocratically governed mobile Linux core distribution, which was forked from the various components of the Meego project when it was abandoned by Nokia and Intel. Nemo is a community project which continues the effort of the Meego handset branch. And Jolla is a new startup company created by former Nokia Linux engineers, who participated in Maemo and Harmattan projects, and decided to continue on their own, when Nokia lost their interest in Meego. Their goal is to release end user products (initially handsets) using an operating system based on the Mer core and some components of Nemo, which will be providing their own user interface.
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Surely they will use Qt5 so I donĀ“t think so.

Are you sure? Qt5 beta has just been released. I wonder how they are going to manage to get a device out before 2013 if they have to use it. I should think they need a completely stable API for third party programmers, too, but I don't know anything about how they're working, so I hope facts will prove me wrong. ;)

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