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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Now here's an interesting little nugget Jeff Bezos didn't want you to know about when he introduced his new Kindle tablets: the Kindle Fire HD is ad-supported, and originally, you would not have been able to remove those advertisements from the device. Over the weekend, the company reversed this policy, allowing you to permanently remove the advertisements from your Fire HD for $15.
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BTW, you don't need an HDMI port on a tablet because it's a portable device that would be a complete ball-ache to constantly attach and re-attach to watch a movie or play a game on a big screen. That's what you get either a cheap Android set-top box or something like a cheap media centre device (Raspberry Pi if you really must go bare-bones) that *permanently attaches to HDMI. Ouya+XBMC is promised for next year and that's a feasible route if the hardware isn't vapourware.

I won't buy a tablet that doesn't have an HDMI port on it. If I'm going to use a tablet, which is basically just a portable media playback device, then I better be able to easily take it somewhere like my friends house who has a high-end 100" projector, plug it in, and enjoy.

IMO not putting an hdmi port on a tablet is just plain stupid.

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