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Apple Ah, skeuomorphism - my favourite punching bag. Austin Carr has spoken to former Apple designers and people within the company, and they're all confirming there's a rift within Cupertino between people who want to move away from skeuomorphism, and people who want to retain it as much as possible, and even want to expand it. Since I've long hoped for Apple to ditch this "visual masturbation", as one former Apple designer calls it, I'm happy to learn not the entire company supports skeuomorphism.
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skeuomorphism should be abandoned
by markus on Tue 11th Sep 2012 21:14 UTC
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There are concepts like flipping a page (with gestures) where skeuomorphism may work, but when I first saw calendar or address book in Lion I just thought that it is the most ugly piece of UI I ever!
Young generations will grow up without traditional (paper) calendars or address books, so there is absolutely no need to mimic these.
When I see the latest OS releases from Apple I always feel the same:
- most times easy to learn
- but not easy to use (no short cuts, wrong assumptions about how power users are working)
In the old days the UI balance from Apple was much better.

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