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Apple Ah, skeuomorphism - my favourite punching bag. Austin Carr has spoken to former Apple designers and people within the company, and they're all confirming there's a rift within Cupertino between people who want to move away from skeuomorphism, and people who want to retain it as much as possible, and even want to expand it. Since I've long hoped for Apple to ditch this "visual masturbation", as one former Apple designer calls it, I'm happy to learn not the entire company supports skeuomorphism.
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by kurkosdr on Wed 12th Sep 2012 10:43 UTC
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This, of course, is a silly argument. Just as Windows' popularity doesn't mean it's the best desktop operating system,

Ahem... Windows is the second best operating system, and the best operating system for non-Apple computers. Everything else either has a graphics stack based on (run away, run far away) and sometimes even an audio stack based on PulseAudio (mercy...), or is CLI-only, or is a walking fossil (AmigaOS, Morphos, Haiku).

Sorry, but this is how things are. If hybrid Android tablets (ala ASUS Transformer) or Android-x86 make it big, I may reconsider.

PS: goes beyond plain old suckiness from an architectural perspective. It sucks so much it even breaks binary compatibility with existing apps and breaks upgrades. Just walk away.

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