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Apple Ah, skeuomorphism - my favourite punching bag. Austin Carr has spoken to former Apple designers and people within the company, and they're all confirming there's a rift within Cupertino between people who want to move away from skeuomorphism, and people who want to retain it as much as possible, and even want to expand it. Since I've long hoped for Apple to ditch this "visual masturbation", as one former Apple designer calls it, I'm happy to learn not the entire company supports skeuomorphism.
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RE: I don't get it...
by No it isnt on Wed 12th Sep 2012 16:22 UTC in reply to "I don't get it..."
No it isnt
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It matters the moment the secondary invention (iCal) has replaced the primary invention (the physical calendar): every function is a photo-realistic imitation of something the user has never been acquainted with.

There's a reason why Apple invented the red stylised handset as the 'reject call' button instead of using a photorealistic rendering of a 1970s era phone with the handset resting on the phone itself: red is commonly used as a stop signal, whereas no one uses a 1970s era phone any more. Language is symbolic, not imitative. Imitations of things that don't exist are meaningless to a user; symbolic representations of actual functions are not.

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