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Apple As expected, Apple announced its new iPhone tonight, dubbed the iPhone 5. The rumours and leaks nailed it, with the most prominent feature being the move from 3.5" to 4" (1136x640). Due to the way iOS handles resolutions, applications need to be adapted for this new display, and if they are not, they will be letterboxed (black bars). It has a faster processor, better camera, LTE, and several other improvements, while the. As always, Apple does it right: shipping 21 September in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore - the rest of the world will follow later.
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5 Years Later
by REM2000 on Thu 13th Sep 2012 11:51 UTC
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Never thought i would see this day come but the iPhone 5 was as much of a disappointment as i was expecting, part of me was hoping for that one more thing or a few more hidden features. That presentation was boring and safe.

So the new iPhone 5 is slightly bigger, twice as fast with a new dock connector. Wow that is poor.

Ive been an iPhone user for 5 years since the release of the original iPhone in 2007. I went from iPhone to 3G to 4 and each one felt like a hefty upgrade.

The iPhone 4 was a great upgrade, it was massively redesigned, had a massively superior camera, retina display, face time, etc.. it was a big upgrade for a full release.

The 4S was kind of meh to me but then it is a S release so it follows the tick tock / revolutionary evolutionary so i didn't expect much.

I am surprised apple haven't done more and are simply resting on their laurels, it's ok the masses will buy em because it's an iPhone we only have to make a couple of safe changes.

Ive used an Samsung S3 and i was blown away, there are so many refinements and features in the phone. I used a Lumia Windows 7 phone, it was fresh and very very fluid/fast i liked it.These are the phones that Apple are up against and they just haven't responded at all.

Of course it's easy to critise, however i will add what i would have expected from apple.

NFC top of my list, it's being rolled out slowly but surely across the UK, Boots (pharmacy/food shop) and McDonalds support it as a method of payment, an product as a big as the iPhone would have forced other high street shops to roll this out for micro payments.

However i would also add that NFC is needed for phone to phone communcation. S-Beam on the S3 is immense, i loved it. Got a Map location/destination, a photo, a video, a contact etc.. simply tape the phones and tap the screen, the most painless method of communication ive ever seen on a phone. NFC would have opened up a massive market in Apps. I would have loved to be able to share things quickly with friends and colleagues with a tap of the device.

However again this could be taken further, look at the Lumia 920 simply tap the hardware in their case a boombox and the music is automatically transfered and streamed to the device wow, the applications of NFC are simply endless, apple missed a big trick with this.

The next is a redesign, simply stretching the iPhone is not enough, i would have expected them to push it further and even perhaps take on the looks of the iPad with a nice alminum phone, this would also keep it in design with the rest of apple products such as the mac.

Faster charging/better battery, i don't care about my phone being thin and like someone else said on macrumors im not interested in this race to make phones as thin as a piece of paper. The thickness of a phone is not a problem, however a battery that would last a good 2 days would have been nice whilst also not taking hours to charge.

Better camera controls in the software, the S3 had burst firing, best picture mode, visual effects, better controls over the camera such as exposure, the iPhone controls look so basic when compared.

If possible a method of optical zoom on the camera, no other phone (as far as im aware does this) they only do digital zoom which is rubbish.

Widgets or something, one this i noticed on the S3 is that just by glancing i could see a lot of information, weather, whats playing etc.. the same can be said of the Windows phones as well. However we are still limited to the basic icon grid view.

More of a software thing, but quick access through the notification screen to toggle, bluetooth, wifi, data and volume, it's annoying having to go through the settings.

I could go on by won't bore anyone much longer.

What i will say is that after this poor announcement and after being an iPhone user for 5 years my next phone is going to be a Samsung Galaxy Note2. All of the features of the S3 with the ability to write down lots of notes and view media on a nice big screen, i can't wait.

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