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Java "As a typical Java developer I never monitored the memory usage of my application apart from following typical best practices like closing the connections, streams etc. Recently we were struck with few issues in our JBoss servers that I had to dig in to the memory management."
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RE: Memory management
by WorknMan on Fri 14th Sep 2012 02:52 UTC in reply to "Memory management"
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I was [ts]old they uninvented memory management!

Where I work, based on the amount of permgen/out of memory errors we get on our Java server apps, I think somebody should re-invent memory management ;) Note that I did not write, nor am I in charge of any of these apps. I'm just the poor schmuck who gets paged at 3am when one of these apps blows chunks, and I have to restart the f**king things. Time after time after time.

Our 'architects' have been looking into this for what seems like years, analyzing heap dumps and what not, and they usually just give the apps more permgen space, which fixes the problem ... for awhile, anyway. Then it's back to the same BS. So, I figure either Java absolutely blows ass, or we just need some new architects.

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