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General Development "We are proud to announce the open source release of J2ObjC, a Google-authored translator that converts Java source code into Objective-C source for iPhone/iPad applications. J2ObjC enables Java code to be part of an iOS application's build, as no editing of the generated files is necessary. The goal is to write an application's non-UI code (such as data access, or application logic) in Java, which can then be shared by Android apps, web apps (using GWT), and iOS." Huh.
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RE[2]: seriously?
by Nelson on Fri 14th Sep 2012 03:29 UTC in reply to "RE: seriously?"
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What bloat? Size? Performance? I've found it adds a few MBs to size, but performance isn't really severely impacted.

Start up? Slightly, but you can get around that in well documented ways.

The upside? The Mono JIT is dramatically FASTER than Dalvik. So, no, actually, if anything it makes your app more responsive.

Plus, write once run anywhere was never the intention. The intention is code sharing. Write platform agnostic back end code and write a native front end for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8, WPF, and OSX (MonoMac or Silverlight)

.NET is the only platform enabling actual, real world, non made up, cross platform developer productivity.

It'd help if you tried it once in a while.

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