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Java "As a typical Java developer I never monitored the memory usage of my application apart from following typical best practices like closing the connections, streams etc. Recently we were struck with few issues in our JBoss servers that I had to dig in to the memory management."
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RE: Memory management
by Brendan on Fri 14th Sep 2012 03:33 UTC in reply to "Memory management"
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Java does have memory management; however the memory management is done automatically with object creation and garbage collection.

This means that a lot of Java programmers aren't aware of it, and have no idea about things that improve memory management efficiency. Techniques like recycling objects and using stack (to avoid the overhead of allocating and freeing heap) may never enter a Java developers' mind. Basic things (like setting references to null when the object they refer to is no longer needed) may never happen.

If you make it possible for programmers to ignore memory management, then you shouldn't be surprised if these programmers don't do efficient memory management.

- Brendan

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