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Java "As a typical Java developer I never monitored the memory usage of my application apart from following typical best practices like closing the connections, streams etc. Recently we were struck with few issues in our JBoss servers that I had to dig in to the memory management."
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RE[2]: Memory management
by moondevil on Fri 14th Sep 2012 06:49 UTC in reply to "RE: Memory management"
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I will go for new architects.

Most of my consulting projects are done in JVM and .NET languages and I see often what I call "space station architecture" (I adopted the expression from someone else).

Designs done away from the reality, with thousand layers of abstraction, because it is cool.

Most of the performance problems we had to fix in some projects always have to do with architecture decisions.

- Not the right language/OS for the problem at hand;
- Lots of nicely abstracted layers;
- Communication between modules using the wrong type of communication protocols;
- Algorithms that aren't appropriate;
- Multiple remote calls to distributed systems;
- Data structures designed without regard for being GC friendly
- ...

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