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FreeBSD "For the past several years we've been working towards migrating from GCC to Clang/LLVM as our default compiler. We intend to ship FreeBSD 10.0 with Clang as the default compiler on i386 and amd64 platforms. To this end, we will make WITH_CLANG_IS_CC the default on i386 and amd64 platforms on November 4th."
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RE[4]: C++
by kwan_e on Fri 14th Sep 2012 10:01 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: C++"
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Irrational? Hardly. My argument against C++ is/was always about complexity.

There exists other languages that promote complexity much more than C++. eg, Java and C, IRONICALLY. But what makes your arguments irrational are your supporting arguments. It's not irrational to argue against complexity, but it is irrational to bring up irrelevant and downright unsafe practices as proof of a language's unnecessary complexity.

If I may remind you, you plainly stated that it was preferable (to you) to risk buffer overruns with array management than using slightly more complex but safer features of a language.

That is highly irrational.

Regardless of your views on my views, my participation has nothing to do with irony. I was merely correcting your misuse of the word.

It has everything to do with irony. I just looked up a couple of explanations of the concept "situational irony". This situation fits, and even more so with your involvement.

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