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Java "As a typical Java developer I never monitored the memory usage of my application apart from following typical best practices like closing the connections, streams etc. Recently we were struck with few issues in our JBoss servers that I had to dig in to the memory management."
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RE[3]: Memory management
by butters on Fri 14th Sep 2012 18:33 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Memory management"
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I don't know. Java is a language that invites hotshot "architects" to devise Rube Goldberg machines. Factories that create factories that create classes. Of course they'll want to model it all in UML first, because that's how good code happens. If you bring in new Java architects and give them enough rope, they'll come up with a way to make things more complex than they were before.

Once I was contracted to rewrite a troubled Python application, and after browsing the codebase for an hour, I remarked the poor guy who was maintaining this thing: "This code looks like it was written by some hotshot Java developer". And he said: "How did you know that?"

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