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Apple "Apple is one of the most secretive companies on the planet, so the Apple-Samsung trial was fascinating in that it lifted the veil of secrecy that typically shrouds Apple's operations. From marketing budgets to photos of never-before-seen iPhone prototypes, the evidence introduced at trial gave the world an unprecedented glimpse into the inner workings of Apple." Lots of stuff we already knew, but Yoni Heisler ties it all together nicely.
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Journalism at its worst
by porcel on Fri 14th Sep 2012 18:34 UTC
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The piece that the osnews article linsk to is an advertisement in disguise.

It is ahistorical in the sense that it disregards the real path that led to the current smartphone and the many designs that existed prior to Apple starting work on the iPhone. In other words, the article is just one more attempt to rewrite history so that the public can continue to believe in the "apple innovation" story.

Why? Because Apple now represents a significant share of the US´s GDP and a cash-cow must be protected at all costs.

What actually came out of the trial is how many other companies had prior art for every little thing that Apple claims to have invented and how many other phones existed that looked and behaved much like what would become the iphone.

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