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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "'We are working on this,' Ms. Whitman told Fox Business Network in an interview. 'We have to ultimately offer a smartphone because in many countries of the world that would be your first computing device... We are a computing company.'" On the same day the Pre 2 a reader is loaning me arrives in the mail. This is just cruel. Update: "HP Bender Android smartphone appears in benchmark details". Eh.
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No you don´t!
by Gestahlt on Fri 14th Sep 2012 21:35 UTC
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HP already offered Smartphones and i was the accidental owner of 2 (HP iPAQ or whatever that crap was called, i am so happy to have em forgotten...)

I got them from my company as business phones.. and they were outright awful. They were loaded with WinCE or Mobile 6 or whatever that mobile spawn called itself and it was horrible. On the first iPAQ (It had small display and a regular phone keyboard) the usability was outright horrible, the display was horrible, battery drain was horriblle. Oh and it crashed very often... and guess what.. the one with the bigger screen and touch was no better.

They should focus on promoting on what they have and make it better.
HP did a lot of f*ck ups lately in the technical department and they really need to think about what they try to be. Business class printers? Yeah, with their new Firmware based on WinCE and lot of crashes and cheap plastic.. way to go and show off quality.
Servers? Wahaha, yeah, lets release the new G(x) series and have them buggy as hell.
Oh have i mentioned their great Slate 2 Tablets? I would go into a corner and be ashamed of branding them HP...

I hate that kind of attitude. They want to do new markets but they have to fix their home first before they do the garden.

HP is in my opinion in a mess in every thinkable way. They behave like a headless chicken. Their need to get their priorities sorted out first and then focus on that instead of being everywhere. They had that right but they wasted it by cutting edges on the wrong corners.

I wish Meg good luck with that and i hope she will be able to fix this mess called HP.

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