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Intel You'd think this sort of stuff belonged to the past - but no. Apparently, Microsoft is afraid of Android on its Windows 8 tablets, because Intel has just announced that it will provide no support for Linux on its clover Trail processors. Supposedly, this chip is "designed for Windows 8". What?
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Context please
by ze_jerkface on Sun 16th Sep 2012 15:12 UTC
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Windows 8 sucks.

That's not merely my subjective opinion, polls have consistently shown that most people don't like it.

Microsoft is about to blow its leg off and you guys are arguing over how much it will kick Linux in the ass.

You should instead be thanking your lucky stars that Microsoft is being ran by two incompetent idiots. Apple is the competition in this space, not the dumbass duo. Watch this video if you are really that worried.

Sinofsky shows off Surface

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