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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless According to recent news, global shipments of smartphones are up 75% in Q3 2005, with PDA-only handheld shipments falling 18% and converged devices more than doubled in volume. So, what are the tech-inclined OSNews readers are opting for? Come in and vote.
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Simple is sometimes better.
by Pelly on Mon 31st Oct 2005 12:50 UTC
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When it comes to cell phones, I've always opted for ones that are considered, 'close' to low-end or right on the bottom.

When you price the plans for some of these gadgetty phones, some of the options are quite pricey. And that's where the companies get you - the options in the plans.

As it stands, my cell phone is a Nokia 6010 - color screen & works like a champ. I considered getting a combined cell-phone & Palm-based PDA but I'd much rather carry two small items than have the thing break down and lose BOTH functions.

As for the 'everything-but-the-kitchen-sink,' models, I'll leave them to someone who can make use of all the functions. I know I never will.

I have a cell phone that works, it's sturdy and the price plan I have can't be beat.

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