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Intel You'd think this sort of stuff belonged to the past - but no. Apparently, Microsoft is afraid of Android on its Windows 8 tablets, because Intel has just announced that it will provide no support for Linux on its clover Trail processors. Supposedly, this chip is "designed for Windows 8". What?
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RE[5]: Comment by redshift
by bassbeast on Sun 16th Sep 2012 20:16 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by redshift"
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Do we REALLY have to spell such things out when we are talking about CONSUMER chips now? Really? Since i got modded down by the groupthinkers i guess so.

But you show me ONE, just one mind you, company that offers Linux servers running Clovertrail and I'll be happy to retract, but since we are all supposed to be logical thinking adults here and the entire article is talking about a tablet chip I honestly didn't believe i had to put out that a consumer chip is not gonna target an OS that has 1.05% of the consumer market.

But YOU know and I know that it was really just moving the goalposts, C'mon, be honest. We see this in every single article that has anything to do with Linux desktops, we'll get "But Linux has server share" which has exactly diddly and squat to do with the topic at hand. This chip isn't aimed at servers, routers, or HPC, this is aimed at consumer devices and on X86 Linux has done VERY poorly, this isn't exactly earth shattering news here.

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