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Google There's a bit of a story going on between Google, Acer, and Alibaba, a Chinese mobile operating system vendor. Acer wanted to ship a device with Alibaba's operating system, but Google asked them not to, and Acer complied. The reason is that Acer is a member of the Open Handset Alliance, which prohibits the promotion of non-standard Android implementations - exactly what Alibaba is shipping. On top of that, Alibaba's application store hosts pirated Android applications, including ones from Google.
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RE[7]: Interesting
by saso on Sun 16th Sep 2012 23:29 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Interesting"
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If we want to get technical

The question at hand are not technicalities. It's whether what you're saying is accurate or not. If you assert unsupported stuff, be prepared to be called on it.

we could go to Microsoft saying that Windows could only run on MS Dos and the lawsuits related to that.

First show that these suits hinged on the same arguments Oracle used against Google (i.e. breach of copyright and patents), if they in fact existed at all.

We could also say that Google could kick Acer out of OHA and Acer could sue and it could be in court.

Membership in private organizations is not subject to oversight by law, except in cases of direct discrimination based on certain controlled aspects of the person being discriminated against (race, ethnicity, gender, etc.) As Acer and Google aren't human beings, these do not apply. Therefore, Acer would have no standing to sue. Neither OHA, nor Google as its steering member, are obliged by law to accept anybody as a member.

Lawsuits are the end result.

Lawsuits have to have a basis in law. Bringing a lawsuit that is baseless is itself punishable as a frivolous lawsuit.

But its funny: "It is ironic that a company that talks freely about openness is espousing a closed ecosystem. Aliyun OS is not part of the Android ecosystem, so of course Aliyun OS is not, and does not have to be, compatible with Android. This is like saying that because they own the Googleplex in Mountain View, therefore anyone who builds in Mountain View is part of the Googleplex.

Will someone please ask Google to define Android?"

Please source this quote. Parts of it seem to be from Andy Rubin, but I cannot find a quote like this anywhere on the net.

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