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Intel You'd think this sort of stuff belonged to the past - but no. Apparently, Microsoft is afraid of Android on its Windows 8 tablets, because Intel has just announced that it will provide no support for Linux on its clover Trail processors. Supposedly, this chip is "designed for Windows 8". What?
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by boldingd on Mon 17th Sep 2012 09:07 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by stabbyjones"
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How do you propose to make money out of free software?

The more important question is, how is that relevant to goddamned anything, much less the previous two posts?

FOSS software projects don't exist to make money; they exist to create software that their contributors want to use. That's the motivation; if I make a program that I find useful, maybe if I make the source available, other people will find it useful too, and maybe improve it to be useful to them. And if I GPL my software, maybe I'll get them to send me the changes they make.

The "broken toilet" problem half-exists: the problem, to the extent that it's a problem, isn't that people won't do nasty and thankless work, it's that developers tend to focus their efforts on the problems that impact them personally as they use the software.

And for-pay software has the same problem. Many commercial software developers spend at least as much effort making you have to use their software as they do making you want to use their software. Many are the small businesses that deeply despise their accounting system, but they can't migrate because the shitty software won't let them export their data.

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