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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Stephen Elop only has a few months to show he can turn Nokia around if he is to survive but the new smartphone is unlikely to woo customers back from Apple and Samsung. Investors and analysts say the chief executive has until early 2013 to prove he made the right choice by partnering with Microsoft Windows or his future at the loss-making company will be called into question." Well, I'll be doing my part. I'm buying a 920.
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Nokia logic...
by robojerk on Wed 19th Sep 2012 16:32 UTC
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I never understood why Nokia hedged so much on WP8.

They didn't want to sell Android for fear of becoming just another handset company, but then decided to ship WP8 phones, which HTC, Samasung, and other players will do as well, which have turned them into just another handset company.

Elop's comments about Nokia competing with Android just reinforces the theory that he's just a Redmond stooge. At one time Nokia was planning to compete with Android with Meego, but by gutting Meego you're no longer competing with Android. So now, how does competing with HTC, Samsung, etc on on the WP8 front differ against competing against those same brands with Android... Stupid, stupid, stupid CEO....

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