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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Stephen Elop only has a few months to show he can turn Nokia around if he is to survive but the new smartphone is unlikely to woo customers back from Apple and Samsung. Investors and analysts say the chief executive has until early 2013 to prove he made the right choice by partnering with Microsoft Windows or his future at the loss-making company will be called into question." Well, I'll be doing my part. I'm buying a 920.
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Nokia hardware
by WereCatf on Wed 19th Sep 2012 18:18 UTC
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I've always liked Nokia hardware: they're sturdy, Nokia has never been afraid of trying new features, they were not afraid of trying new looks and so on. I had for example the Nokia 5510 ( ) at one time and I was actually pretty happy with it even though it was perhaps a little unwieldy; it was a fresh, new take on things, with a unique look and while the features included could have been better atleast there was effort there to try to rethink what and how one can do with a phone and how to fit it into our daily lives. The N-Gage tried to improve on the 5510 and to compete with the PSP, but it was never terribly successful. Nevertheless, it was another attempt at trying to stir things up. Or how about the Nokia Communicator - line of phones? Those were totally badass, both in features and as plain status symbols back in the day. Of course the more recent examples of daring to step out of the line are the N900 and N9, both of which are quite unique beasts even as of right now.

With the move to Windows Phone Microsoft is saying what features must be there and what mustn't, and they're saying quite a lot about the looks, too, something that I view as a very sad development. It kills all the attempts at innovation, it ruins the creativity, and while it may provide for a more stable and predictable income for the company it also ruins the chances of coming up with something completely new that could become a useless money sink or a veritable cash cow of the decade. Sure, I love the looks of the new Lumia-phones, but the company has become boring, predictable and eschewed its previous individuality.

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