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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "High Tech Computer (HTC) has grown up with Microsoft, from the old HTC-built iPAQ's running on Microsoft's Pocket PC operating system, to the Orange SPV - Microsoft's first Windows smartphone. The Taiwanese company has always been a loyal aid to the software giant, but lately that close relationship has started to feel a little dated. HTC's investment in Android and its Sense user interface has taken precedent over its initial work with Windows Mobile, and the company's Windows Phone flagships have been impressive, but overshadowed by Nokia's colorful Lumia range and partnership with Microsoft. That all appears to be changing though." HTC announced some good-looking Windows Phone 8 phones (ugh) today, but from my personal experience of owning several devices from both brands for over a decade, Nokia has the edge on quality. Good to see a serious commitment to WP8 though - we wouldn't want the Android dominance to continue.
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We wouldn't want the Android dominance to continue?

Given the choice between dominant Android and dominant WP, I pick Android.

Why wish success for a platform so hostile to openness and interoperability? I don't want to install some crappy, proprietary syncing software on some blessed proprietary operating system just to use my device as intended.

Furthermore, I want to be able to install what I want, procured from wherever I want. I want to be able to develop and distribute my software however I want, without being completely beholden to a gatekeeper's potentially arbitrary whims.

To be honest, why can't we wish dominance to open standards and *actual* ownership of our own devices?

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