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Legal "The International Trade Commission voted yesterday to investigate Apple for patent infringement allegations launched by the Google-owned Motorola Mobility. As expected, Motorola is asking for import bans on just about every iOS device, including iPhones, iPods, and iPads. What might be surprising is that Motorola is also asking for a ban on every type of Mac OS X computer, claiming Apple's iMessage technology infringes a Motorola patent." Let's hope all those products get banned. And that all Motorola phones get banned. Let's hope everything gets banned from the US. And yes, I changed Motorola into Google for the headline.
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Let's hope everything gets banned from the US
by l3v1 on Wed 19th Sep 2012 22:13 UTC
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Let's hope everything gets banned from the US

Well, let's just divert all container ships to Europe, we'll gladly take them, for a bit cheaper price of course ;)

Everyone should just stop selling stuff in countries where the relevant industry-related patent law environment is unstable and/or unreliable. Or where you can know for sure you'll end up in court one day.

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