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Legal "The International Trade Commission voted yesterday to investigate Apple for patent infringement allegations launched by the Google-owned Motorola Mobility. As expected, Motorola is asking for import bans on just about every iOS device, including iPhones, iPods, and iPads. What might be surprising is that Motorola is also asking for a ban on every type of Mac OS X computer, claiming Apple's iMessage technology infringes a Motorola patent." Let's hope all those products get banned. And that all Motorola phones get banned. Let's hope everything gets banned from the US. And yes, I changed Motorola into Google for the headline.
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RE[2]: Iconic design
by Tony Swash on Thu 20th Sep 2012 11:14 UTC in reply to "RE: Iconic design"
Tony Swash
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When I look at an apple product I always have to think of Braun, how come . . .

Think. The difference between Apple being inspired by Braun and the current situation is this. Braun's designs are from decades ago and relate to Braun products and product categories which Apple did not make or compete with. If, for example, Apple was inspired by Braun's designs to design it's Mac Pros so they look like how a Braun T1000 radio used to look then Braun won't give a toss, if however Apple at the time that Braun were making the T1000 radio had released a radio that looked just like a T1000 then I think Braun would have had objected.

I understand that some people think that copying stuff is Ok and that it is endemic and a good thing. It's the people that actually think that Samsung didn't try to copy Apple's products or that Google did not reset the design on Android after the iPhone launch to make it look just like iOS, that I don't understand.

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