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Legal "The International Trade Commission voted yesterday to investigate Apple for patent infringement allegations launched by the Google-owned Motorola Mobility. As expected, Motorola is asking for import bans on just about every iOS device, including iPhones, iPods, and iPads. What might be surprising is that Motorola is also asking for a ban on every type of Mac OS X computer, claiming Apple's iMessage technology infringes a Motorola patent." Let's hope all those products get banned. And that all Motorola phones get banned. Let's hope everything gets banned from the US. And yes, I changed Motorola into Google for the headline.
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Really another patent debate on OSnews?
by NeoX on Fri 21st Sep 2012 02:33 UTC
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Wake me up when it is over!

Is it just me or do these same patent debates keep coming up here?
At this rate you are going to have to change the name of the site to PatentNews.

There has to be more news then this and about OSs to boot?

How about some news on the Amiga front?

Or the resurgence of DOS? ;-)

Patent schmatent, let's just get on with open innovation...

Can we go back to articles on Windows 8 and its lack of a start menu and button?

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