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Apple "The major new feature of the company's new iOS 6 mobile operating system is a new mapping module developed by Apple itself - a replacement for the Google-supplied maps that have been standard on the iPhone since it debuted in 2007. It is a change borne not of user demand, but of corporate politics: Google's Android platform is the biggest competitive threat to the iPhone, so Apple is cutting ties with Google. iPhone owners might have loved Google Maps, but Apple has no love for Google. Unfortunately, Apple's new maps are simply not as good as Google's." That's putting it mildly - my own town barely even exists on Apple's maps. It's basically a trainwreck, and according to The Verge, Apple has been working on this for the past five years. This is what happens when a company cares more about stupid grudges than its customers. Considering how much effort it has taken Google to get where it is now with maps, don't expect Apple's maps to even get near Google Maps any times soon. This isn't going to take months - this is going to take several years, if at all.
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Tony Swash
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While I try to tolerate your typical insanity with all apple related topics, I cannot stand when you use open source and apple in the same sentence. Throw in the monopoly for a good measure and you have just infuriated me. Apple is the most hypocritical, unethical and deceiving company there is PERIOD Examples are abundant, from reneging on their warranties, lying to consumers about security, pretending to be morally conservative and removing naked imagery while allowing playboy app to remain, shunning app devs left and right...

And now we get to open source sticker. Apple absolutely hates open source! It goes against everything that apple stands for. But since they lack resources and expertise they have to consume open source. If it wasn't for gpl apple would contribute NOTHING unless they get paid ... a lot. Furthermore apple does everything they can to stifle progress by litigating, subverting (html5 standards adoption) etc.

So tony take a pill a control your spinning attempts

Apple hatred is disease that fills the head with a sort intellectual pus. You do not make a single attempt to actually argue any points, nothing to say about Google's map monopoly, just shouting fact free insults about Apple. As I said intellectual pus.

I could point out that MacOSX sits on an open source kernel, that Apple deliberately chose to build it's browser technology using open source and that the resulting Web Kit is used by Google amongst others, I could point you at this page

which confirms that Apple is one of the largest, if not the largest, distributor of open source software on the planet.

But we both know it won't make any difference to how you think (using that term loosely) about Apple because facts count for nothing compared to the power of your hatred of Apple.

Pus is bad for your brain.

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