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Intel Clover Trail will get Linux and Android support after all. "Intel has plans for another version of this platform directed at Linux/Android; however we are not commenting on the platform specifics or market segments at this time. Stay tuned," Intel told ZDBet.
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by Gusar on Sat 22nd Sep 2012 10:39 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by Gusar"
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I'm only interested in netbooks, while you're talking about HTPC. Different use cases. You don't really need to care about power management for example, while on a netbook it's very important for battery life.

Also, for a netbook even a gen7 GPU is plenty. My current netbook has a GMA950 (gen3)! Not to mention with Intel I don't have hassles with either an incomplete open driver or a problematic closed one, as would be the case with AMD graphics.

And I know ValleyView is still quite a long way away. But it was clear from my first post that I have no problem waiting for it. So saying that Bobcat is available now is a non-argument, it's irrelevant for my specific case.

The other stuff you mention, like RAM, also not relevant for me. I have only 2GB even in my desktop, it's plenty enough. And my current netbook chugs along with just 1GB.
Finally, price: When I look at netbooks, current Intel offerings are cheaper or same price compared to AMD. Yeah they have PowerVR GPUs, so out of the question for me, but still.

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