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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ubuntu 12.10 will include advertisements for products on Amazon. It will look like this - if you search, product suggestions will pop up. This seems like a rather slippery slope to me, and I certainly wouldn't want this on my desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or anywhere else. On the web - fine, I'm on your site, not mine - but my desktop is mine, and mine alone. Not that it matters - open source, someone will disable them. Biggest concern: does this mean my search queries get sent across the web?
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What... the... f***... :|
by UltraZelda64 on Sun 23rd Sep 2012 00:57 UTC
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Just when Ubuntu supposedly starts making something halfway decent out of the atrocity known as Unity, they go ahead and do this. :|

Canonical has been proving time and time again that they can be trusted with the quality and consistency of the product as much as Microsoft can be with theirs (in other words: not at all), and with this, they're proving that this remains true. Increasingly Apple is showing they can't be trusted either, although I would say that they've already reached the point long ago where I wouldn't trust them with a ten-foot pole myself.

Move the window manager icons on left. Remove the GIMP. Announce ditching the X Window System for the still far from proven Wayland. Announce that a still buggy and incomplete graphical environment designed for netbooks and other screen-limited devices is going to be made the standard for ALL computers. Switch from a shitty (literally) brown theme to another horrible looking theme that looks like a kid dumped purple and orange food colorings in a shallow pan of milk. Move on over Microsoft, it looks like you have a competitor that doesn't give two shits about their users... just like you.

Ubuntu fans, down-mod away. You know you want to. But really, this has already crossed the line of "ridiculous" a while back... and it's still only getting worse. At this point, I fully expect Ubuntu to reach the point of Apple and Microsoft: users be damned, we don't care what you want, we're working for ourselves. And yet they'll keep that philosophy claiming that it's a "free operating system for everyone to use." You know, that "humanity toward others" nonsense. Okay, Canonical... who are you advertising those Kindle Fires to? Some poor AIDS and malaria patients somewhere in Africa?

Just another reason not to use or recommend Ubuntu to anyone I know... and I haven't since probably 2008, when they started going downhill. The real question is, can this shit be turned off? Not that it really matters in the end, because Ubuntu is already too far lost to even consider again in the future.

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