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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ubuntu 12.10 will include advertisements for products on Amazon. It will look like this - if you search, product suggestions will pop up. This seems like a rather slippery slope to me, and I certainly wouldn't want this on my desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or anywhere else. On the web - fine, I'm on your site, not mine - but my desktop is mine, and mine alone. Not that it matters - open source, someone will disable them. Biggest concern: does this mean my search queries get sent across the web?
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RE: What... the... f***... :|
by Soulbender on Sun 23rd Sep 2012 03:45 UTC in reply to "What... the... f***... :|"
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Move the window manager icons on left

Oh noes.

Remove the GIMP

Hmm,I can see gimp right there, install-able from the software center. Doesn't look removed to me.

Announce ditching the X Window System for the still far from proven Wayland.

It's an announcement that they want adopt wayland early and when it's ready. Oh my, what a horrible thing to do. You may have noticed that it hasn't happened yet.

Switch from a shitty (literally) brown theme to another horrible looking theme that looks like a kid dumped purple and orange food colorings in a shallow pan of milk.

You do know that different cultures favors different colors, right? Personally I've always liked the earthy Ubuntu colors. It's a design choice, it doesn't have to suit everyone. Sure beats the billions of boring blue/gray color schemes out there.

But really, this has already crossed the line of "ridiculous" a while back...

You must be talking about your own comments.

Note, I didn't mod you down.

Okay, Canonical... who are you advertising those Kindle Fires to? Some poor AIDS and malaria patients somewhere in Africa?

Wow. Just wow. I'm sure that wasn't intended to sound as judgmental as it did but still.

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