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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ubuntu 12.10 will include advertisements for products on Amazon. It will look like this - if you search, product suggestions will pop up. This seems like a rather slippery slope to me, and I certainly wouldn't want this on my desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or anywhere else. On the web - fine, I'm on your site, not mine - but my desktop is mine, and mine alone. Not that it matters - open source, someone will disable them. Biggest concern: does this mean my search queries get sent across the web?
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"A very small minority of people prefer this type of behavior on a Desktop.

You speak like you're some kind of authority on the subject. I doubt you are.

Fact is, the burden of proof is on the people who want to change, not on those who're happy with the current UI paradigm: where are the usability studies showing that the Unity/Gnome Shell approach is better? where are the comprehensive test groups that I would expect for such important UI changes?

Point number two, I agree that the features you describe are indeed useful, at least for keyboard-oriented people, but was it absolutely necessary to make things so obnoxious for mouse-oriented people? do you really think those couldn't be added within the WIMP paradigm?


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