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Mozilla & Gecko clones "It's no secret that Mozilla has been working on a mobile OS. Previously codenamed Boot2Gecko, the project focused on a purely HTML5 based system that worked in many ways like current mobile devices. As the project grew into Mozilla OS, the company has laid out a partnership with ZTE that will have real world devices in certain markets early next year. Testing for this OS had previously consisted of a compiled ROM that would be flashed over a handful of Android devices. Now, Mozilla has moved into full fledged product evaluation mode with their own custom developer phone." Looks decent - and a better solution for testers and developers than custom ROMs.
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RE: Will not work.
by the_trapper on Sun 23rd Sep 2012 18:06 UTC in reply to "Will not work."
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Applications are developed in HTML5. Apple tried this years ago and it didn't work. Developers have shown again and again to prefer native.
I'm sorry Mozilla, your dream of a web based OS where apps are HTML5 is too 2007.

Apple tried this before the technology was ready. HTML5 has progressed a ton in that time frame. You have to think about how different technology becomes in 5 years time.

Today, the browsers are better, the hardware is much better, the HTML5 spec is better, in short everything is better. Give it a couple more years when "4G" connections are more widely available and things will be even better.

I'm cautiously optimistic about Firefox OS. I personally think it has a much brighter future than Windows Phone.

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