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Hardware, Embedded Systems If there's one over-used buzzword currently making the rounds in the technology industry, it's 'post-PC world' - or the notion that desktops and laptops are a dying breed. Todd Bradley, executive vice president of HP's printing and personal systems group, thinks this is a nonsensical notion - and he's right.
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RE[7]: Its mostly happened
by ilovebeer on Mon 24th Sep 2012 04:35 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Its mostly happened"
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Which is a begging the question kind of fact. Why did the "need" to upgrade fall so sharply in the last few years.

First, it didn't and hasn't fallen "so sharply". Second, the small decline was already attributed to more capable hardware. The economic crash didn't help anything either. These are plain & simple facts whether you like them or not.

Further, you ignore that sales were slowing before tablets come into play.

No, sales were growing before tablets came into play. The rate of growth in sales was falling but it was still very much a growing market.

So like I said, sales were slowing before tablets came into play.

More importantly there was a huge downtick in the fall of the rate of growth.

Why do you keep dramatizing the slowing? There was and is no "huge downtick". It's like feeling a light misty rain and you're telling everyone it's a downpour.

And, you're claiming the "real" reason for the decline is credited to the rise of tablets although you have no credible source in support of this.

OK what about NPD. NPD did a survey of home users in early 2011. Of those users:

24% did their home browsing on their tablet.
60% found tablets to provide an acceptable internet experience.

You do realize, I hope, that none of that lends support to your claim that tablets are killing off PC's. How many surveyed own both a PC and tablet, and prefer the tablet over the PC? How many of them prefer the tablets internet experience over the PC? Blah, blah, blah... Again, the need to cherry-pick doesn't actually help, it only reveals weakness in a claim.

Tablets I should add have gotten better in the last 18 months, so things would look bleaker now.

What would thinks look bleaker? Tablets are still a growing market. The tablet market is not replacing the PC market as you seem to think, it's a different market altogether. One product is not being replaced by another, rather it's been added to the pool of available options. I don't know why it's so hard for you to understand that, especially given it's based on facts and not simply a desire to believe something.

Some guys really really believe jesus is coming back. And some guys really really believe tablets have killed PC's. And some guys know better.

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