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General Development "I've been programming professionally for about 3 years at this point, and I've noticed some interesting patterns in other programmers I've worked with. One of the key differentiators among programmers is motivation. I'm not referring to an individual's passion to simply be successful in their career, but rather the type of work they want to pursue. The thing they want to do with computers every day, the types of problems they are interested in solving."
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Comment by ephracis
by ephracis on Mon 24th Sep 2012 16:12 UTC
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Interesting way to look at it.

I guess I would fall somewhere between engineer and computer scientist. I love to build reusable, well structured and documented projects which preferably solve interesting problems with elegant algorithms.

I really do agree that many computer scientists write very messy code. Especially the ones coming from the fields of mathematics where they are used to naming variables a, b, c... and x, y, z... Most of us coming from the "other end" (self learned, developer way) are not very used to reading stuff like that.

I prefer descriptive names for my variables in code. The one-letter names are reserved for pure mathematics during modeling. ;)

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