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Legal "A leaked document from the CleanIT project shows just how far internal discussions in that initiative have drifted away from its publicly stated aims, as well as the most fundamental legal rules that underpin European democracy and the rule of law. The European Commission-funded CleanIT project claims that it wants to fight terrorism through voluntary self-regulatory measures that defends the rule of law. The initial meetings of the initiative, with their directionless and ill-informed discussions about doing 'something' to solve unidentified online 'terrorist' problems were mainly attended by filtering companies, who saw an interesting business opportunity. Their work has paid off, with numerous proposals for filtering by companies and governments, proposals for liability in case sufficiently intrusive filtering is not used, and calls for increased funding by governments of new filtering technologies." I'll just leave a link here to one of the most popular OSNews articles of all time.
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RE: Fascism returns!!!
by HangLoose on Mon 24th Sep 2012 18:09 UTC in reply to "Fascism returns!!!"
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While in EU this sort of things need to be done behind close doors not to anger the population, in USA everything is done in name of "freedom" and "liberty". Openly! And everyone applauds it because peopled dont want to be like the "socialists from Europe".

Some of them:
-NSA Call database and warrant less surveillance
-USA Patriot/Homeland Security/etc Act
-Indiscriminate use of NSLs
-Plus the good old MPAA/RIAA/etc lobbying in congress.

Having said that, I am NOT defending EU if this horrendous piece of legislation ever sees the light of day. But before it comes in effect it is one more "attempt" that should be blocked by our representatives.

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