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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Much like various versions of Firefox, the overall concept here is premium and of quality, but not because its expensive. Good quality design should be accessible to masses much like our products. Our strong focus is on high quality and distinctive design in the marketplace." Fantastic overview - quite detailed - about the UI design behind Firefox OS, from Patryk Adamczyk.
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RE: Comment by Luminair
by ssokolow on Tue 25th Sep 2012 04:15 UTC in reply to "Comment by Luminair"
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they did the same thing before they switched firefox to the chrome gui. they copied the conclusion and wrote a justification for it.

Define "switched firefox to the chrome gui". Tabs on top?

That's hardly switching to chrome's UI though I'll agree with you on removing "http://" from the address bar. (But they never justified that and you can turn it back on in about:config, unlike in Chrome)

Did Firefox copy Chrome's download manager? No. ...but Safari 5 was able to beat Firefox to implementing their own plans for the new Downloads Pane because the ideas were published for all to see and borrow from.

There is a Download Statusbar extension for Firefox which I used to use, and given how much nicer it is than Chrome's download status bar, the Firefox guys would have come out on top if they just integrated it, but they came up with something unique and better than all competing options.

(If you want to try it, there's an about:config toggle you can toggle to enable the version they're still tweaking and debugging. I run with it on.)

I personally think that tabs on top is a good idea just for the fact that, if I install the "Tab Wheel Scroll" extension, maximize, and turn off Windows borders (I'm on Linux. It's not automatic), Fitts's law lets me slam my mouse to the top of the screen and scroll to switch tabs.

I actually had to put a lot of work into compacting Firefox's UI down to something more compact than even Chrome and I'm running Firefox Aurora. (Firefox 17 alpha 2, which means newer than "current")

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