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Gnome "Gnome 3 has received a lot of disapproval of late, from the Gnome foundation being charged with not taking care of its users, or losing mindshare, to Gnome 3 itself being an unusable mess. I've been using Gnome 3 myself for a few months to sort the truth from the fiction, and to try and understand just how the Gnome foundation expects their newest shell to be used. I will end with some thoughts on how Gnome 3 can be improved. The review will require a fairly lengthy preface, however."
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RE[5]: Everything hidden
by thesunnyk on Tue 25th Sep 2012 06:56 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Everything hidden"
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I'm getting too deep into this metaphor to make it make sense any more. I just have to get out before I get myself into an Inception metaphor.

My point was really simple actually, and it's one used by detractors of skeuomorphism everywhere: that if a computer models something in the real world, it is then limited by that model, which doesn't need to be the case. For example, having a "book" with "pages", but the pages can scroll. It all gets a little silly, so pushing for a model in the real world at all is fruitless.

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