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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Much like various versions of Firefox, the overall concept here is premium and of quality, but not because its expensive. Good quality design should be accessible to masses much like our products. Our strong focus is on high quality and distinctive design in the marketplace." Fantastic overview - quite detailed - about the UI design behind Firefox OS, from Patryk Adamczyk.
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Browser layout
by EvilMonkeySlayer on Tue 25th Sep 2012 08:33 UTC
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So is this going to be the new mobile browser layout?

The tabs button needs to be on the bottom too, the share button is rarely used so should either be an option to disable or moved to the top right where the tabs button is.

The tabs button needs to be at the bottom too since it's a UI element that is frequently used.

Rather than replacing the entire screen when you press the tabs button, it should create preview images of the tabs with (optionally) the site names above them. Which are laid out horizontally 3 or 4 side by side taking up roughly a quarter of the screen at the bottom within easy reach of the users thumb.
The user should then be able to scroll left or right through the currently open tabs. To hint at there being more tabs to the left or right either the Android glow effect should indicate more or perhaps there should be half a tab to indicate there are more tabs.
To close a tab the user should use a flick motion, for example flick the tab with the thumb upwards to close.
Press the tabs button again to close the tabs horizontal preview. Done.

This UI/UX stuff is easy!

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