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General Development "I've been programming professionally for about 3 years at this point, and I've noticed some interesting patterns in other programmers I've worked with. One of the key differentiators among programmers is motivation. I'm not referring to an individual's passion to simply be successful in their career, but rather the type of work they want to pursue. The thing they want to do with computers every day, the types of problems they are interested in solving."
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RE[2]: Sad Truth
by phreck on Tue 25th Sep 2012 08:53 UTC in reply to "RE: Sad Truth"
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Nitpick: "Trigraphs" ->

You really meant "Ternary Operator", often called "The Ternary [Operator]", because there is only one in both C and C++.

Then: Instead of multiply by -1, just use the unary negation operator.

I disagree about the bad readability of the ternary operator. It is just as readable as an if-statement or class-declarations. The one thing you have to do, like with all other things in C++, you just learn it. That's it.

As with if-statements, while-loops and everything else, you only have to know when to use, and not exaggerate it (again, like with other things in C++).

Apart from that, I totally agree to your last three points.

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