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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless It's going to be a rough month for what was once one of the most successful smartphone companies in the world. Between all the Android and iOS violence, it's easy to forget there's this Canadian company which was still growing its userbase every month. However, it's expected the company will lose subscribers for the very first time.
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RE[5]: Comment by NuxRo
by TM99 on Tue 25th Sep 2012 15:04 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by NuxRo"
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An article from December last year, suggesting you use Dell phones running Android 2.2? Well, have fun with that.

Specifications are constantly updated. Obviously you know nothing of how government and military work with regards to technology. They are slow to implement and use 'outdated' tech by current pop standards.

I think the truth is more that governments have trouble peeking in an iPhone than an Android one. Your own users are the biggest security risks and you don't want them to use devices you can't get access to.

Please don't kid yourself that iPhones are the height of security. Your second sentence is one important aspect of a 'secure' phone for corporate or government use.

You claim "They are allowed modified Android phones", while in reality it is only one model phone, an obscure Dell phone. It is only allowed after it received its modification. This says nothing about iPhone security.

Again, one illustrative article but not where it stands almost a year later. I won't do the research for you on this one. Get out of your bubble and do it yourself, if you are truly interested.

They took an Android phone because it's easy to modify and add their own backdoors to it. So if you're fond of privacy and security never ever use a phone given to you by a government agency.

Again, seriously? If you work for a government agency, you have no choice. Period. That is different than private phone security, but I think you know that, right?

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