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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless It's going to be a rough month for what was once one of the most successful smartphone companies in the world. Between all the Android and iOS violence, it's easy to forget there's this Canadian company which was still growing its userbase every month. However, it's expected the company will lose subscribers for the very first time.
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RE[5]: Comment by NuxRo
by Laurence on Tue 25th Sep 2012 15:08 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by NuxRo"
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This says nothing about iPhone security.

That's because nobody was discussing iPhone security until you jumped in

They took an Android phone because it's easy to modify and add their own backdoors to it.

That's likely part of the reason. But the article did list a number of other specific reasons why iPhones weren't used.

So if you're fond of privacy and security never ever use a phone given to you by a government agency.

If you were that paranoid that the government are watching you, then you wouldn't be applying for jobs in the DOJ to begin with :p

The fact is, everyone is watching and logging your activities. Google, Apple, your ISP, the web servers you connect to, your telecoms company every time you make a call, your bank every time you make a transaction....everyone. We only enjoy relative anonymity due to the scale of the data collected (aka security through obscurity), but don't think governments nor private entities (if just via civil lawsuits) couldn't access a wealth of data against you should they decide to single you out.

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