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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Right now, the mobile wars have just two major combatants: Apple's iOS and Google's Android. Nokia could yet make Windows Phone a serious third player, but there are also a few more minor actors with the potential to disrupt the market. Jolla is the most mysterious of those players, which also include Firefox OS and Open WebOS. Jolla (a Finnish word for a small sailing boat) arose from the ashes of Nokia and Intel's MeeGo project, canned in favour of Microsoft's mobile OS. The Linux-based OS has not been shown off yet, but Jolla has already scored a deal with China's top phone distributor, DPhone. The first Jolla device is due later this year, so to find out more I spoke with the company's chief executive, ex-Nokian Jussi Hurmola." Please let Jolla succeed. Pretty please with sugar on top. The industry needs this. Please.
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by chemical_scum on Wed 26th Sep 2012 12:38 UTC in reply to "HTML5"
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Apps Stores !! - Controlled by Apple and Google

Apple definitely have a reason for not wanting HTML5 Apps becoming ubiquitous - tie to Apple apps store and lock in people to iOS. Not so obvious in the case of Google - eyeballs for Google Apps is more impotant to them than lock in to Android

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