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Windows has just posted their 45-page, 40-screenshot review of Microsoft Windows 8. The review covers many different aspects of the OS including performance, security, application compatibility, and more. "Is Windows 8 a hit or miss? It's a hit, it is clearly Microsoft's most bold development in years, it probably beats out the transition from Program Manager (Windows 3X) to Windows 95, the move from Windows 9x to the NT Kernel. The Windows 8 platform represents so many things: truly touch centric, support for modern processor architectures, fast and fluid as Microsoft puts it and also represents where the majority of the world is heading when it comes to computing, entirely mobile."
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A mixed bag
by WorknMan on Wed 26th Sep 2012 20:50 UTC
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I can appreciate what MS was trying to do with this release, but I think they really screwed up the integration (or lack thereof) between 'classic' desktop and metro. No self-respecting power user is going to have much to do with metro, and I can't imagine it not confusing the hell out of tech tards (esp when they're randomly thrown into desktop mode), but that remains to be seen.

That being said, I have been playing around with the final release, and other than the new start screen (which is ok once you get used to it), metro pretty much stays out of my way, and I find that there's enough new features besides metro to make it worth the $40 upgrade price that MS will be asking for when it's released.

For a broad overview of new features, see here:

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