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Windows has just posted their 45-page, 40-screenshot review of Microsoft Windows 8. The review covers many different aspects of the OS including performance, security, application compatibility, and more. "Is Windows 8 a hit or miss? It's a hit, it is clearly Microsoft's most bold development in years, it probably beats out the transition from Program Manager (Windows 3X) to Windows 95, the move from Windows 9x to the NT Kernel. The Windows 8 platform represents so many things: truly touch centric, support for modern processor architectures, fast and fluid as Microsoft puts it and also represents where the majority of the world is heading when it comes to computing, entirely mobile."
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RE: A mixed bag
by quackalist on Wed 26th Sep 2012 21:57 UTC in reply to "A mixed bag"
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Mixed bag is kinda over egging the positive, IMHO. True, one can almost forget 'metro' after installing a start menu app though, however, if the option didn't exist 'metro' and the desktop are so unintegrated to make 8 unusable as a desktop. 'Metro' is irrelevant and just a pain in the ass and after puzzling over it for a bit one just wants it gone.

Even 'metro' on it's own, as tablet etc using touch is, I fear, not fit for purpose. Initially, while puzzling over it's use on the desktop and the bizarre decision to shove it down our throats come what may I had thought it would work well on a tablet but the more I played around, admittedly not on a tablet, the less it made sense. Most of the major 'apps' dealing with the nuts & bolts of being on the net and consuming stuff don't actually work well enough that I'd be reluctant to use it. Pretty sure this will improve with time but it's puzzling why MS is risking so much on something so half-baked.

The more I use it the more puzzled I become. What, underneath, would be a no-brainier update to 7 is wrapped in an ill-thought marketers 'bright-idea' to 'Appleise' Windows and is just a mess. Can't imagine this is how 8 was envisioned and just wonder when the 'bright-idea' was tacked on. Maybe, it'll all come together in 9 but for now it's a disaster.

8 without 'metro' a positive yes, as it is...ho hum, a risk in being dependant on an app to make 'metro' go away and Microsoft not somehow forcing it back on the user.

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