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Bugs & Viruses You might assume your new PC is secure, but is it? In the U.S., the Federal Trade Commission just charged seven rent-to-own computer companies and a software design firm with computer spying. Some 420,000 rent-to-own computers allegedly secretly collected personal information, took pictures of users in their homes, and tracked their locations. Meanwhile Microsoft found that PCs from China had malware embedded before reaching consumers. The virus "could allow a hacker to switch on a microphone or Webcam, record keystrokes and access users' login credentials and online bank accounts." And, an FBI investigation found that counterfeit routers purchased by various US government agencies also were pre-loaded with malicious software. Do you assume your new PC is secure, or if not, what steps do you take to secure it?
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Comment by RawMustard
by RawMustard on Thu 27th Sep 2012 02:51 UTC
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what steps do you take to secure it?

Easy peesy. Wipe it and install Linux.
And I built my own secure, low power router using Smoothwall.

At the moment I'm working on getting a native install of linux on my android tablet. Once that happens android will be gone for good also. What a piece of filth that is!

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