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Windows NeoSmart Technologies has released a new version of EasyBCD, the free bootloader editor for Windows which supports Windows 8, the latest GRUB2 distributions, EFI machines, and comes with all-new support for 13 different languages. If you have a Windows-based multiboot machine, you really need EasyBCD. It's a fantastic application.
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RE[5]: Good link
by moondevil on Thu 27th Sep 2012 06:34 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Good link"
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This is why I am following how Mac OS X sandbox model, or WinRT picks up in the mainstream OSs.

We already have capabilities in BSD, AppArmor and SELinux in GNU/Linux, but few take advantage of it.

It is also nice to see Minix3 picking up speed, and Hurd still progress, although very slowly.

All these sandboxing mechanisms can probably be used for nefarious purposes, by the mainstream OS vendors. On the other hand we really need to improve security beyond the basic user/group model most OS offer.

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