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Windows has just posted their 45-page, 40-screenshot review of Microsoft Windows 8. The review covers many different aspects of the OS including performance, security, application compatibility, and more. "Is Windows 8 a hit or miss? It's a hit, it is clearly Microsoft's most bold development in years, it probably beats out the transition from Program Manager (Windows 3X) to Windows 95, the move from Windows 9x to the NT Kernel. The Windows 8 platform represents so many things: truly touch centric, support for modern processor architectures, fast and fluid as Microsoft puts it and also represents where the majority of the world is heading when it comes to computing, entirely mobile."
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RE[2]: Hmmm
by Neolander on Thu 27th Sep 2012 07:56 UTC in reply to "RE: Hmmm"
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"Sounds like Windows is not so much better at in-place upgrades than Linux, after all. Good thing that old releases are supported for a longer time by Microsoft."

Or he is running untested drivers on an unreleased operating system on two computers from two notoriously crappy computer manufacturers - sure, what could possibly go wrong with such a stella combination!

Do you think that people who complain about Xorg or NetworkManager breaking after an update because of some explicitly unsupported proprietary driver for equally crappy hardware would care about such technicalities ? ;)

If hardware breaks for some people, it's a problem. Sadly, many people happen to buy crappy hardware because it's cheap and they don't know enough about tech to be aware of what that they are doing. So...

Wait a month AFTER it is actually released and heck, the person wrote the article September 5, almost two months before it actually being released! I mean, come on - if you want to critique and criticise Windows then by all means do so but how about waiting till it is actually released.

Windows 8 has been declared RTM and distributed to OEMs more than one month ago. So what this guy tested is a final release, that will be installed on every store's PCs worldwide pretty soon.

If at this stage, there are still issues with widely used features and hardware such as ACPI suspend or Synaptics touchpads, that is quite a big issue that should not be handwaved with a "meh, they will fix it in SP1 a few months after launch anyway".

Side note, software vendors are already releasing updates for Windows 8 compatibility issues; Adobe over the last couple of weeks have released updates for their Creative Suite 6 that address possible Windows 8 compatibility woes. The issues are being addressed so lets put on a Cat Stevens record, pour a cup of tea and chill out for a moment.

Sure, sure. Still, there are some things that cannot be fixed with updates, such as an input peripheral breakage that prevents people from installing these updates altogether.

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